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Dark Model’s first full album is a spine-tinglingly epic and relentlessly bold odyssey of sounds & beats consisting of futuristic and edgy orchestral electronica from Tatsuya Oe (Captain Funk), an electronic music master who was born in the land of Godzilla and Kurosawa, now residing in Gotham City.

In March 2015, this album was nominated for the 14th Annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs) in the Dance/Electronica Album category.


Album Reviews

(check out “Album review” page on Dark Model official website for the detail)

“Tatsuya Oe has created one of the best electronic music efforts in recent memory and easily one of the most grandiose and memorable of 2014. The fact that his self-titled album as Dark Model is merely a debut should be nothing short of intimidating to all other producers within the world of EDM. (Score: 9.5/10)”

Brian Lion, Under The Gun Review (article)

“Dark Model’s self-titled album offers up an electronic sound like no other. The symphonic experience is one of a kind as Dark Model provides listeners with an orchestral theme on 16 cuts. (5 out of 5 stars Final Grade: A)”

Kyle Jarmon, Examiner.com (article)

“As the album comes to its end, it’s clear that Dark Model is a rarity – ambitious in its attempt to fuse cinematic scores with up-to-the-minute dub aesthetics, and overall it’s successful in what it has set out to do.”

Chris Marsh, Skopemag.com (article)

“I can guarantee you’ve never heard anything quite like Dark Model. The record is so well-executed, it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s the work of one person. I’d be more likely to believe that a team of the industry’s finest gathered in secret to remix some obscure centuries-old masterpieces.”

Jared Wolf, Indiemunity “Dark Model Drops the Bass on Intensely Orchestral Debut” (article)

“What really sets Oe apart from his electronic peers is his originality. He creates a sound that cannot be compared to any artist who has come before him. Surely emerging artists will try to emulate Dark Model’s sound, but Oe brings a complexity to his work that is interesting and irresistible. (5 out of 5 stars)”

Laurie Fanelli, VeggieFans.net (article)

“This disc really surprised me. It’s not exactly my kind of music. This album, though, just blew me away. In fact, it’s likely to make my best of 2014 list. I’m pretty impressed with this. It works really well and is a great ride.”

G. W. Hill, Music Street Journal (article)

“His first album, self-titled Dark Model, is an audio storyboard or sorts, and unfolds just as you’d expect from a superhero sound engineer: thrilling adventure, dire downfalls, and triumphant victory.”

Darby Bundy, Dance Music Northwest “Gotham City’s Electronic Hero – Dark Model” (article)

“In other words, if a Tron 2 were to be released, I think Daft Punk would know who to collaborate with next.”

Rachele, What’s Good With It (article)

“Tatsuya Oe has created an album that many different music fans can enjoy. The skill demonstrated in this collection of tracks can not be ignored because Tatsuya Oe has a spectacular understanding of what he wants to do with each piece.”

Garrett Jutte, Guardian Liberty Voice (article)

“Dark Model rides that wave the way a knight would ride into battle. Tatsuya Oe, the brain behind the name, and also known as DJ Captain Funk, blends cinematic orchestrations with new edged electronic music to create music with an intensity that few could achieve.”

Victor Alfieri, Wordkrapht (article)

“Crossing genres is tricky to do and be taken seriously, but Dark Model is an example of how it sounds when you do it right. There is an obvious appreciation of diverse musical backgrounds in every track on the album with a flair for the heroic that can unironically be described with terms like “soundscape”. It’s music that truly transports the listener.”

Scott Wilson, Quip Magazine (article)

“Oe remains in high demand because he creates a completely idiosyncratic style of electronica, one that can be found pulsating at clubs just as likely as at the desk of a music critic impressed with Oe’s broad stylistic grasp.”

Mike Mineo, Obscure Sound (article)

“Listening to Dark Model’s debut release really put me in a state of trance. His music does exactly what he wanted it to do, and that’s to build and tell a story.”

Amanda Cowan, The DJ List (article)

“This is dancey to please most educated club kids , but also serves as his calling card to Hollywood as this album is almost a tapestry of would be soundtracks.”

Wil Cifer, “Next Big Thing ?: Dark Model” on Soletron.com (article)

“You could call him an electronic artist, but that would seem to sell him short.”

Will Oliver, We All Want Someone To Shout For & Hype Machine (article)

“Dark Model is a collection of 16 awesome instrumental tracks that just keep you mesmerized.”

Rob Perez, “Dark Model’s self-titled album is a soundtrack to those in a wormhole” on The Music Universe (article)

“If you want electronic music with depth, this is it.”

Kimberly Jeong, DJZ.com (article)

“Are you a gamer who also likes to dance ? Well here is the soundtrack to your next MMO.”

Hiplanta.com (article)

“Dark Model’s Electronic Orchestral Album Is A Cinematic Spectacle”

Death By Electro (Electronic Music Magazine, article)


1. Dance of Wrath (Ikari No Mai) 1:38
2. Fate 3:03
3. Close to Infinity 5:17
4. Broken Arrows 3:54
5. Onibi (Demon Fire) 2:56
6. Hope Is Never Gone 4:36
7. Candle in the Desert 3:39
8. Ran (Resistance) 2:19
9. Double Cross 4:14
10. Prayer for the New Moon 2:52
11. Moment of Truth 2:53
12. Judgment Day 3:15
13. Abandoned 2:27
14. I Will Return 5:17
15. Farewell to the Moon 2:41
16. Oath (Dubstep Remix) 4:23

(All the 16 tracks are NEW MIXES)
All music composed and produced by Tatsuya Oe
Art Direction: Passion Yoko
Graphic Design: Richard Roberts
℗ © 2014 Model Electronic & Tatsuya Oe (JASRAC)
CD Cat No: MECD-1004 (Digipak)
UPC (Bar Code): 888174704340
Physical (CD) Distribution: Alliance Entertainment Corporation / CD Baby

Album Description

The basic concept of Dark Model is to make a kind of “Instrumental Narrative” by incorporating a diverse range of musical ideas and elements which Oe has achieved throughout his career. As can be heard in preceding releases such as Captain Funk’s “Songs of the Siren,” chosen as “The Year in Music” by Billboard magazine, Oe has had a keen interest in “building and telling an imaginary story through music.” However, it is striking that he features much more cinematic elements and orchestral arrangements in this new project than he did previously. He even brings in a touch of traditional Japanese music and culture which he grew up with and was so inspired by, as you can hear in “Prayer for the New Moon” and see in the song titles of “Onibi (Demon Fire)” and “Ran” which means “Resistance” in Japanese.

The opening cut “Dance of Wrath,” “Fate,” “Onibi,” and “Judgment Day” walk the line of EDM (Electronic Dance Music), i.e. Dubstep / Drumstep or Electro Funk, while there are so many other musical elements woven together that they can’t be simply pigeonholed as such. Intense orchestral tunes such as “Close to Infinity” and “Ran,” and an uplifting symphonic Trance “Hope Is Never Gone” incorporate the formula of modern dance music and emotional dynamism as heard in Hollywood film soundtracks, yet taking to the next level.

Epic pieces like “Broken Arrows” and “I Will Return,” inspirational & psychedelic “Candle in the Desert,” and atmospheric traditional Japanese soundscape “Prayer for the New Moon” embody the concept of storytelling music. Psychedelic industrial tracks “Double Cross” and “Abandoned” are throwbacks to soundtracks of the 60s & 70s suspense movies.

While Dark Model’s music may be on some common ground with film scores, his priority with his project is to make music which stands on its own, not as subordinate to any specific visual or motion elements.

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