OE – New Classics Vol.2

OE-New Classics Vol.2

New Classics, Vol. 1

“New Classics Vol.1 & 2” are collections of new tracks and new arrangements of his past pieces produced under the moniker of “OE” (E is pronounced as long E, like “O.E”).

While the vol.1 focuses on the indie rock/pop electronica and songwriter-oriented side of the project, the vol.2 delves into the contemporary, edgy, and experimental side.

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In April 2019, this album was nominated for the 17th Annual Independent Music Awards (The IMAs) in the Dance/Electronica Album category.


1. Blitz
2. f2;5
3. Crash Course
4. Diplegia (OE Version)
5. :-&
6. The Grid
7. Rho
8. Helicity
9. 276EC2
10. M61 (Remix)
11. Moon Landing
12. Patterns of Passion
13. Plotter
14. y/q
15. It Happens
16. Deep Reflection
17. rqm
18. Northern Lights

All tracks composed, produced, and mastered by Tatsuya Oe (JASRAC)
Art Direction: Passion Yoko
Label: Model Electronic
Physical Distribution: Alliance Entertainment
Format: CD (CD-R in Jacket type) & Digital
UPC Code: 191924618690

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